Building Ad-Tech Companies that Reach Massive Scale

Interview with Michael Rubenstein: President, AppNexus

  • Beginning a career as a tech entrepreneur in Canada
  • How to develop a business strategy to compete with Google
  • Becoming an intrapreneur within a large company
  • Joining forces with a successful founder to scale a new startup
  • Building a team that embraces diversity across skill sets, gender and race

Interview with Michael Rubenstein (MR):

Q: How did you start your career?

Key Learnings from Michael Rubenstein:

Intrapraneurship Can Be an Effective Way to Scale a Startup: Conventional wisdom is that startups can’t effectively be built within large companies. The logic is that large companies are too slow-moving and bureaucratic, and they stifle entrepreneurial creativity. But this conventional wisdom is sometimes wrong, as Rubenstein demonstrated by building DoubleClick Ad Exchange.



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