Building Enterprise Software Companies that Reach Large Exit

Oni Chukwu, CEO of etouches

Interview with Oni Chukwu:

Q: Oni, thank you for joining today. Could you take us back to the early days of your career in technology? How did you first get into the software industry, and why did you choose to enter this industry?

Key Learnings from Oni Chukwu:

· To be a great technology entrepreneur, you don’t have to be the company founder. While Oni has not been the founder of either of the three companies that have reached large exit, he brings a unique skill set to the table when he joins. His assessment of team, market, and customer demand enable him to effectively filter company prospects to identify the businesses that have sufficient potential. When he joins a business, he brings the skill set to help the business scale. He has a deep understanding of technology finance and financial operations, which helps him maneuver companies though fundraising, growth via acquisition, and eventual exit.



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