Launching and Successfully Scaling a Vertical SaaS Company

Justin Effron , Co-Founder/CEO of ALICE

Key Learnings from Justin Effron and ALICE:

· Building Strong Industry Connections in the Early Days is Vital for Success in Vertical SaaS: Success as a vertical SaaS company requires developing a deep understanding of the customer pain point in the early days, as well as finding ways to reduce friction in the buying process. The best way to do this is to develop a network that can direct you to the right decision-makers. In ALICE’s case, the company benefited from co-founder Alex Shashou’s industry experience and network. Dubbed the “Harry Potter of Hotel Stays”,[9] Alex grew up in the hotel business, building an understanding of hotel operations while working in the hotels of his parents’ boutique chain. After co-founding ALICE, Alex became the company’s product evangelist, pitching the business to 25 hotels per day. He leveraged his hotel network to get in the door with hotels, which reduced the friction of signing up ALICE’s first few customers.



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