To Password or Not To Password

Authentication: Why?

Source: The Northrop Grumman Fan
Source: Experian, 3/11/2019

Authentication: How?

Password-based Authentication

You could watch the clip here:

Big Head: My username is “password” and my password is “password.”

Richard: Your username is “password”?

Big Head: It was just easier. 😀

Passwordless Management: Distributed Authentication

Passwordless is a fictional passwordless authentication vendor 😜

Passwordless Management: Decentralized Blockchain-based Authentication

AuthChain is a fictional decentralized authentication protocol with a front-end interface 😜
StorageChain is fictional decentralized storage on blockchain 😜
The Blockchain Trilemma

sMPC illustration

We want to compute Z = X * Y, where X = 30 and Y = 70; but we don’t want to reveal the value of X and Y

We split X into X1, X2 and X3, where X1= 2, X2= 3, X3= 5

We split Y into Y1, Y2 and Y3, where Y1= 5, Y2= 2, Y3= 7

We distribute (X1 , Y1), (X2 , Y2), (X3 , Y3) across 3 nodes. Each node comes up with their own multiplication result, Z1= 10, Z2= 6, Z3= 35

Z = Z1 * Z2 * Z3 = 2100

No node has the value of X or Y, unless all of them decide to collude


Approach go-to-market in the Enterprise space with patience



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