SAAS Founders at Work

(LATEST) PART 9: Building on a Technology Theme Across Multiple Successful Startups — Krishna Dunthoori, CEO, Apty


PART 1: Identifying Your Target Market — an interview with Scott Dorsey, Co-Founder/CEO of Exact Target (acquired for $2.5B by Salesforce)


A core component of 645 Ventures’ vision is to empower world-class founders to repeatedly achieve extraordinary outcomes. One way for us to advance this vision is to arm seed-stage founders with knowledge that makes their process of building an early-stage company easier. Our SaaS Founders at Work study evolved out of our desire help seed-stage SaaS founders learn from successful companies that came before them. There are several valuable studies and articles on SaaS companies at the expansion and growth stages. These include studies by Matrix Partners and Bessemer Ventures on the performance metrics SaaS companies should track,[1] as well as benchmarking studies released by OpenView Partners and Insight Venture Partners on how the best companies stack up at the expansion-stage and growth-stages, respectively.[2]